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Discover the Benefits of Reputation Management

Discover the Benefits of Reputation Management

One discipline of SEO that serves an absolutely vital function is reputation management. Since search engines have become a prevalent tool that’s used for research and information gathering, online reputation has taken on a life of its own. Without a systematic method of tracking, reputation management goes undone. In cases like this, negative search engine results begin to sprout like weeds. Public records, negative articles, and damaging videos all begin to display when someone types in a search for your name, or your company name or product or service. This hurts business because many people are relying on their online research to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Reputation management is a process that involves moving positive documents and references in front of negative ones in the search engine results. That way someone searching will find a glowing report instead of a scathing criticism. There are many authoritative websites that rank easily for their interior pages. If these contain negative reports or something similar, they tend to persist in the search rankings for a long time. Reputation management services will push these down over time with consistent postings and links. The reputation management company will create and link to positive documents. This serves two purposes. First, the negative posts begin to move downward, where they are much less likely to get clicked. Secondly, the positive documents move up, where they are likely to get clicked. Reputation management involves doing this process long enough to where there are no more negatives and all positives left. source: GMG SEO

The Marketing Power Of Promotional Bags

The Marketing Power Of Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are a great tool to use to get the name of your company into the public eye and keep it there. They are cost-effective, can be used to reach a wide cross-section of demographic groups, and people love them. That’s a sure-fire combination for success. All you have to do is choose an attractive design with your company name, contact information, and some basic information about the product or service you provide. The fact that these bags are an item that people can use every day makes them especially effective as a marketing tool and turns everyone using them into unpaid members of your marketing team.

When it comes to promotional items, few things are as cost-effective as bags. Depending on the type of bag you choose and the material from which it’s made, you can produce promotional bags for a few pennies each. Yet when it comes to effectiveness in raising people’s awareness of your company or a specific product or service you offer, few things are as effective as a bag. For the price of a piece of candy you can have a promotional item that can be used to reach thousands of people.

Another reason promotional bags are such effective marketing items is because they can be used with a wide range of demographic groups. Whether you use a shopping bag, a tote bag, or a gym bag with your company name emblazoned on it as a promotion it can be used to reach potential customers of all sexes, ages, races, and educational levels. Just about anyone can find a use for a free bag. Particularly if it looks nice and helps to make their lives a little bit easier. That means your company, product, or service will be promoted in an untold number of markets you never even knew existed.

If you are looking for an effective way to stretch your marketing dollar and get the most bang for your marketing buck, promotional tote bags from http://www.brandme.com.au/categories/tote-bags are a great choice. Long after your marketing campaign is over your promotional bags will still be in circulation raising awareness about your company, products, or services. While some companies spend their marketing dollars on cute novelty items that attract attention for a short time them are relegated to some closet or desk draw, promotional bags keep right on working.