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April 6-7, 2011
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Early: June 15, 2011
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Sept. 10, 2011 – Sept. 24, 2011
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Catch RCG Courses in Sydney

Catch RCG Courses in Sydney

Required by law for staff, employees and certain contractors working or operating in the gaming industry, Responsible Conduct of Gaming (RCG) courses are now available in Australia. 

Certified RCG Courses Sydney are precisely tailored to provide clients with a full education on the impact, effect and relationship that gaming providers will have on society. A brief overview of the history, function and role that gaming plays in society will ensure that employees and owners in the gaming industry understand the full relationship between gaming and the community.

RCG Courses Sydney also provide an in-depth education on the etiology, effects and costs of gaming abuse on both the individual as well as the larger society. RCG Courses Sydney delve into the monetary and social cost that gaming has on taxpayers, and what treatment options are currently available. 

There are a number of certified RCG Courses Sydney to choose from. Most course providers accept online payments, or allow participants to pay in cash or via EFT on the day the course begins.

All registered RCG Courses Sydney from Catch Training will be approved by the New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR), which will issue participants who have successfully completed the course with an interim certificate. This interim certificate in turn must be taken to certain branches and offices of the Australia Post. The interim certificate from OLGR can then be used to order a NSW Photo ID Competency Card to be sent by post. Some RCG Courses Sydney also offer participants who successfully complete the course a certificate in a nationally accredited unit of competence.

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RSA Courses in Sydney Advice

RSA Courses in Sydney Advice

In Australia, the law can mandate that citizens attend a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course as the result of a decision in the form of a judicial order, court ruling or finding by a competent enforcement agency. Treating both self-motivated as well as court-mandated sufferers struggling to handle the consequences of alcohol abuse, certified RSA Courses Sydney offer participants all of the required material in order for successfully completing their RSA course. 

All across the country, thousands of families have been affected by alcohol abuse, and RSA Courses Sydney at http://www.catch.nsw.edu.au/course/rsa/ are designed to give sufferers the help, and the education, that they need. RSA Courses Sydney begin with an overview of what RSA can do, and what meaningful impact a RSA course can have for you. RSA Courses Sydney also examine in detail the devastation that alcohol abuse can wreak on families and loved ones. RSA Courses Sydney reveal the damage that drink driving can cause, and show the destruction that alcohol abuse can cause to the community at large. Finally, the monetary cost of alcohol abuse, paid for by taxpayers in the form of medical help, law enforcement and incarceration is examined.

With the latest advancements in psychology and physiology, RSA Courses are designed with the understanding that treatment is available to help sufferers. With a full knowledge of the cause, effects and treatment options available for suffers of alcohol abuse, an RSA course can help citizens move forward towards a healthier and happier life.

There are a variety of RSA Courses Sydney for you to choose from, with an average price of less than $200. Most RSA Courses Sydney allow you to reserve your RSA class online, and offer a range of payments that can be completed electronically. For other participants, registering online may be required but payment can be made in person on the day of the course, preferably in cash but also in some cases with an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).